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Provably Fair Explained By A Human


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What is Provably Fair?

What does it mean?

Does Provably Fair mean my funds are safe?

Hello, I am going to answer a few common questions about Provably Fair and I will try to leave out the technical mumbo jumbo while I do. 

The first and most important thing you must know is.... 


What does it mean then? It means that if a casino that uses provably fair algorithms does decide to cheat, then You and everybody else has the ability to PROVE IT. But only if we do our part.

A Provably Fair algorithm is a commitment scheme that requires input from multiple participants. Think of it like this. When you play poker or any game that requires a deck of cards in the physical world, you would never trust the dealer or any person handling the cards. Especially, if they can profit from you losing. So what do you do in the situation where you can't trust that the dealer didn't arrange the cards in away that you will lose? You cut the deck so whatever order the cards were in is now completely changed. Neither you or the dealer could possibly know what order the cards are in resulting in a truly random game.

So how do I cut the cards on a digital deck or a game that doesn't use cards? Ok good question, I'm glad you asked. In order to understand you must know how the result of the game is generated.

Game Result = Player's Seed(or client seed) + Casino's Seed(or server seed) + Nonce

You simply have to manually choose your Player's Seed. But don't be fooled by sneaky casinos. The only way your games will be provably fair is if you are already given an encrypted version of the Casino's Seed. 

First, you must be given the Casino's Seed (the casino seed is encrypted so players won't know the result until after the round.) 

Second, you manually enter your Player's Seed. 

Third, play the game.

So how do you know if the casino cheated? Easy. You can ask the casino to give you the Casino Seed without any encryption protecting it. You can then enter the Casino's Seed into a third party hash generator like this one here http://hashtoolkit.com/generate-hash/ and click "generate". The result must be exactly the same as the Encrypted version of the Casino's Seed that they gave you before the game.

The type of encryption that Provably Fair casinos use is known in the cryptography world as "deterministic". Deterministic means that even the slightest change in the input would have a drastic change on the output. If the input(Casino's Seed) is the same every time the output(Casino's Seed Hashed) will be the same.


Stay safe out there and do your part because Provably Fair is only fair if we are actively involved prove it. Don't trust...Verify!


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Good read. 


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